Exterior Paint…Decisions…Decisions

For over two weeks we could not decide what color we should paint the house. We knew that darker colors tend to make a home look smaller so we thought that we should look at a darker color. We picked out over eight colors and had them painted on the siding so that we could look at each color from the street.


You can see how many different colors we tried! We put up shades of brown, blue and green. And when the colors were still not right, we brought a few back to Sherwin Williams to have them slightly altered.

We toured several neighborhoods looking at color combinations and taking photos of colors that we liked. It was not until we saw a house by the Alexander YMCA that we said, “That’s the color we like!”. It turns out it is a Benjamin Moore color, but Sherwin Williams can match it. I then searched online to try to find photos of homes painted with this color and found one that listed the trim color they selected and there you have it! We tried out those colors and loved it.

The trim is not finished, but you can see the color we have selected for the body of the house and some of the trim has been done. When they are done with all the painting we will post a complete photo.

Finishing up the trim!

Back of the House


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